Diancie is the mythical jewel pokemon and is a rock fairy.

Diancie-Pokemon-X-and-Y Also Diance is the princess off the Carbinks .  Diancie’s whole purpose of being a pokemon is to recreate the diamond that supports all of the carbinks. Diance can instantly create many diamonds by compressing air between its hands.




Found New Pokemon Movie

So I finished a Pokemon episode on Netflix which was really cool (the new x and y episodes are out on Netflix) and when it was about to go to the next episode I saw a pokemon movie it suggested called “Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.” Also if you have Netflix that is were to find it. On my next post I will talk about Diancie and the x and y pokemon who are all in this movie.images

Piraté Au Lait

Aarg! Check it out mateys.

Cafe Book Bean

images (1)I’m feeling the Swashbuckler love this morning. Maybe it’s the Cuban coffee, or maybe it be the weather, but my love for all things piratey sounds!

Here are some buccaneer books and a black jack brew
to get you on board:

Treasure Island
by Robert Louis Stevenson
Starting with a classic. This tale is packed with memorable characters, pirates, a deserted island, and of course buried treasure! This is a new illustrated edition; award-winning artist Robert Ingpen has a beautifully captured Robert Louis Stevenson’s beloved novel. The book features over 70 awe inspiring pictures.
Rated 4.4 on amazon.com

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyleby Avi
I read this book when I was younger but I remember loving it. It is definitely one of the books that sparked my love of novels. It was a thoroughly engrossing tale of a young girls arduous sea journey among a ship full of unsavory sailors. It’s a great story were prim and…

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Genesect-instinct-combatI was reminded these powerful Pokemon. They are not made by man but awoken by a fossil. They  have plasma cannons on their backs (it’s a plasma cannon because the people who made it, are from team plasma.) Together they are a very powerful Pokemon group. They were in a movie called Genesect and the Legend Awakened. Check it out, it is a really good movie (I found it on Hulu.)

Top 10 Strongest Pokemon

After doing some research I believe these are the
Top 10 Strongest Pokemon

#1 Arceus:
The reason Arceus is the strongest is because  it can change its type and is
god and creator of Pokemon.


#2 Mewtwo: The reason Mewtwo is second strongest is because it was the only Pokemom
created by man and no other Pokemon will stand against it except Mew.

#3 Rayquaza:
The reason Rayquaza is third strongest is because it has a /strong hyper
beam that can take down both Kyoger and Groudon.

#4 Mew: The reason Mew is the forth strongest is because it can learn any move and turn
into any Pokemon. Also it is the only Pokemon to stand against Mewtwo.

#5 Giratina:
The reason Giratina is the fifth is because it is able  to travel through its world
and the Pokemon world willingly and in each world it has a different form.


#6 Dialga and Palkia: These guys (also pictured with Giratina above) are tied in sixth place,
because Dialga is ruler of time and Palkia is ruler of space. Dialga could  freeze time and
destroy  every thing with no Pokemon to stop him and Palkia could bring space to earth and
destroy every thing but Arceus would stop this before it even happened (anyway these guys are
like mortal enemies they would not let each other do it)

#7 Kyurem:
this Pokemon is sevenths because it can flash freeze everything around it in a
second that is quick but a fire type legendary could melt.


#8 Kyogre and Groudon: These two are tied in eighth place, because for one, they can both
primary evolve, and Kyrogre can cancel all fire type attacks that do damage to it, and Groudon
can cancel all water type attacks that do damage to it (only in primary form I think.)

#9 Lugia:
Lugia is in ninth place because it can take out all three legendary birds at the
same time (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.)


#10 Darkrai
: Darkrai is the tenth strongest because one the more evil e causes the
stronger he gets and he stop Dialga and Palkia from fighting(this Pokemon is not evil the getting stronger
thing consumes him and controls him i think but i like him).

(Found all of this on google)

How two make a Pokemon card deck

So the first thing you need to do is get a lot of one type of energy and Pokemon (of the same type.) Also, make sure that you have the Pokemon’s evolved forms to make it so that your Pokemon will get stronger. Also, I recommend you get a trainer, supporter, and so on. I always put 1 or 2 revives in my deck, at least two normal potions, one special potion (super potion or full heal,) and finally at least one supporter card. There are a bunch of different ones to add in, so at the end I have 20 of those. Now, back to Pokemon. So when I add Pokemon to my deck they are not always one type. For an example, I made a grass and steel deck because one of the Pokemon evolved from a grass to a steel. So I will have 20 Pokemon and about 15 of them evolve and then 5 are just basic (with no evolved form) in the deck. So now to energy’s,  if you do a double deck and it has a different type of Pokemon, depending on how many different ones you have to take away some from the other type. So when I added energys to my grass and steel deck, it only had one steel Pokemon. So, I went and saw what the max steel energy was and it was 3. So I got rid of 3 grass energy’s and added 2 more steel energy’s. I  always have 20 energy’s per deck. So that deck had 17 grass energy’s and 3 steel energy’s. In the end my decks have 60 Pokemon.
pokemon_deck___venom_1_0_by_tapejara-d5pcuyy (1)

New Legendary Pokemon Cards

Mewtwo_vs_Darkrai_by_MyundeadkittensFor Christmas I got some really cool Pokemon card packs and in one of them there were two pre-made Pokemon decks. One of them was a Darkrai which is not a legendary but the deck came with two of them and they where both ex.

The other deck was a Mewtwo deck and it came with two legendary EX Mewtwo. So that was really cool in my opinion, because now I have two more decks to add to the three I already had.