New Puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my new puppy Bear he is a German shepherd. He was number 8 of his litter and the reason we named him bear is because he was one of the biggest of his litter. He is now 9 weeks old and he is so cute 🙂IMG_1842[1]


Piraté Au Lait

Aarg! Check it out mateys.

Cafe Book Bean

images (1)I’m feeling the Swashbuckler love this morning. Maybe it’s the Cuban coffee, or maybe it be the weather, but my love for all things piratey sounds!

Here are some buccaneer books and a black jack brew
to get you on board:

Treasure Island
by Robert Louis Stevenson
Starting with a classic. This tale is packed with memorable characters, pirates, a deserted island, and of course buried treasure! This is a new illustrated edition; award-winning artist Robert Ingpen has a beautifully captured Robert Louis Stevenson’s beloved novel. The book features over 70 awe inspiring pictures.
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The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyleby Avi
I read this book when I was younger but I remember loving it. It is definitely one of the books that sparked my love of novels. It was a thoroughly engrossing tale of a young girls arduous sea journey among a ship full of unsavory sailors. It’s a great story were prim and…

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