Top 10 Favorite Pokemon


#1 Arceus 250px-493Arceus

#2 Rayquaza250px-384Rayquaza.png

#3 Volcanion721.png

#4 Kyogrekyogre

#5 and 6 Latias and LatiosLatias_and_Latios

#7 GiratinaGiratina_All.png(both forms)

#8 Groudon383Groudon_AG_anime

#9 and #10 Diolga and Palkia

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Top 10 Strongest Pokemon

After doing some research I believe these are the
Top 10 Strongest Pokemon

#1 Arceus:
The reason Arceus is the strongest is because  it can change its type and is
god and creator of Pokemon.


#2 Mewtwo: The reason Mewtwo is second strongest is because it was the only Pokemom
created by man and no other Pokemon will stand against it except Mew.

#3 Rayquaza:
The reason Rayquaza is third strongest is because it has a /strong hyper
beam that can take down both Kyoger and Groudon.

#4 Mew: The reason Mew is the forth strongest is because it can learn any move and turn
into any Pokemon. Also it is the only Pokemon to stand against Mewtwo.

#5 Giratina:
The reason Giratina is the fifth is because it is able  to travel through its world
and the Pokemon world willingly and in each world it has a different form.


#6 Dialga and Palkia: These guys (also pictured with Giratina above) are tied in sixth place,
because Dialga is ruler of time and Palkia is ruler of space. Dialga could  freeze time and
destroy  every thing with no Pokemon to stop him and Palkia could bring space to earth and
destroy every thing but Arceus would stop this before it even happened (anyway these guys are
like mortal enemies they would not let each other do it)

#7 Kyurem:
this Pokemon is sevenths because it can flash freeze everything around it in a
second that is quick but a fire type legendary could melt.


#8 Kyogre and Groudon: These two are tied in eighth place, because for one, they can both
primary evolve, and Kyrogre can cancel all fire type attacks that do damage to it, and Groudon
can cancel all water type attacks that do damage to it (only in primary form I think.)

#9 Lugia:
Lugia is in ninth place because it can take out all three legendary birds at the
same time (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.)


#10 Darkrai
: Darkrai is the tenth strongest because one the more evil e causes the
stronger he gets and he stop Dialga and Palkia from fighting(this Pokemon is not evil the getting stronger
thing consumes him and controls him i think but i like him).

(Found all of this on google)