Top 10 Favorite Pokemon


#1 Arceus 250px-493Arceus

#2 Rayquaza250px-384Rayquaza.png

#3 Volcanion721.png

#4 Kyogrekyogre

#5 and 6 Latias and LatiosLatias_and_Latios

#7 GiratinaGiratina_All.png(both forms)

#8 Groudon383Groudon_AG_anime

#9 and #10 Diolga and Palkia

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New Legendary Pokemon Cards

Mewtwo_vs_Darkrai_by_MyundeadkittensFor Christmas I got some really cool Pokemon card packs and in one of them there were two pre-made Pokemon decks. One of them was a Darkrai which is not a legendary but the deck came with two of them and they where both ex.

The other deck was a Mewtwo deck and it came with two legendary EX Mewtwo. So that was really cool in my opinion, because now I have two more decks to add to the three I already had.