Found New Pokemon Movie

So I finished a Pokemon episode on Netflix which was really cool (the new x and y episodes are out on Netflix) and when it was about to go to the next episode I saw a pokemon movie it suggested called “Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.” Also if you have Netflix that is were to find it. On my next post I will talk about Diancie and the x and y pokemon who are all in this movie.images


Genesect-instinct-combatI was reminded these powerful Pokemon. They are not made by man but awoken by a fossil. They  have plasma cannons on their backs (it’s a plasma cannon because the people who made it, are from team plasma.) Together they are a very powerful Pokemon group. They were in a movie called Genesect and the Legend Awakened. Check it out, it is a really good movie (I found it on Hulu.)

How two make a Pokemon card deck

So the first thing you need to do is get a lot of one type of energy and Pokemon (of the same type.) Also, make sure that you have the Pokemon’s evolved forms to make it so that your Pokemon will get stronger. Also, I recommend you get a trainer, supporter, and so on. I always put 1 or 2 revives in my deck, at least two normal potions, one special potion (super potion or full heal,) and finally at least one supporter card. There are a bunch of different ones to add in, so at the end I have 20 of those. Now, back to Pokemon. So when I add Pokemon to my deck they are not always one type. For an example, I made a grass and steel deck because one of the Pokemon evolved from a grass to a steel. So I will have 20 Pokemon and about 15 of them evolve and then 5 are just basic (with no evolved form) in the deck. So now to energy’s,  if you do a double deck and it has a different type of Pokemon, depending on how many different ones you have to take away some from the other type. So when I added energys to my grass and steel deck, it only had one steel Pokemon. So, I went and saw what the max steel energy was and it was 3. So I got rid of 3 grass energy’s and added 2 more steel energy’s. I  always have 20 energy’s per deck. So that deck had 17 grass energy’s and 3 steel energy’s. In the end my decks have 60 Pokemon.
pokemon_deck___venom_1_0_by_tapejara-d5pcuyy (1)